Thursday, June 3, 2010

John Hlavacek Inducted into Journalist's Excellence Hall of Fame

On April 24, 2010, John Hlavacek was inducted into the Omaha Press Club's Journalists of Excellence Hall of Fame. John served as a foreign correspondent in China during World War II and later as bureau chief in India from 1944-1952. Following this, from 1958-1963 he was the NBC bureau chief in Havana and Miami before moving to KMTV in Omaha in 1964.

John is also the author of several books, detailing his time in each of these positions around the world. They inlcude Letters Home: An American in China: 1939-1944, United Press Invades India: Memoirs of a Foreign Correspondent, 1944-1952, and Freelancing in Paradise: The Story of Two American Reporters Who Supported Their Family by Covering Turbulent Times in the Caribbean, 1958-1963, which he co-authored with his wife Pegge Parker Hlavacek.

John's wife, Pegge, was also a foreign war correspondent in places such as China, India, and Pakistan, and reported with John from the Carribbean. She is the author of several books, (which John editied) including 'Teen Topics by Pegge Parker, Alias Pegge Parker, Diapers on a Dateline, Slow Boat to China, and Slow Boat to Pakistan. The books chronicle their lives in exquisite detail, as they documented their journeys writing letters, articles, journals and preserving momentos and artifacts throughout their lives.

Dave Hamer, Deanna Sands and Dottie Hayes Sater were also be inducted into the Journalist's Excellence Hall of Fame on April 24th. For the official press release visit For more information about John and Pegge Hlavacek, visit